Trust is belief in your ability to provide.

Trust is an emotional response and a feeling. It is not an intellectual or logical response – and that’s why it can be tricky to pinpoint.

Your marketing should be put together in such a way that it inspires trust… fast. Good design cues can convey trust and expertise quickly.

People need to believe in you to buy from you.

Convey that quickly through smart design.

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How to Build Patient Trust

Do you have testimonials on your home page? Every page?

Your testimonials, patient stories, letters, and images are critical for creating trust. Just putting headlines in quotes and using testimonials throughout your marketing immediately make your pages more trustworthy and pull harder.

Do you have star reviews and logos of trusted sites?

Putting links to trusted resources is a quick way to credential yourself and use content on other sites to enhance your credibility. These elements are already designed and quickly convey the message of excellence and experience. Make sure these trust signals are woven into your marketing.

Do you have logos of colleges, special training, associations and boards?

The groups you are associated with or educated by instantly improve the design of your pages and impart authority to your site. These are known trust signals that are easy to work with and use in your marketing.

Do you have press logos, articles and publications featured on your site?

If you advertise in a magazine you should definitely use the logo in your marketing. Featured on the local news? Top Doc? These are more proven trust signals that quickly make your marketing more trustworthy through visual design.

Does your site feel professionally done? How “stock-like” is your photography?

Low quality photography is a big red flag. Take a long look at your visuals and make sure it’s high quality and sending the right message. Lots of designers wrongly think medical imagery is about scalpels and stitches. The aesthetics of your design reflect instantly on the quality of your practice.

Bad Stock Photos

Do you have videos of the physician, happy patients, and staff?

Videos are extremely powerful trust signals. Good patient education videos immediately credential you as an expert. Patient testimonial videos behave like real word of mouth referrals.

When you look at your marketing, ask yourself, “Is this inspiring trust?”

Many trust cues are perceived visually and happen very quickly. It’s a emotional response – make sure you’re bringing your most powerful trust signals to the surface.

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