This is a nice overview of shooting video of testimonials, reviews and interviews:

Smartphone technology has put some pretty hefty video capabilities in the palm of our hands. However, shooting a professional looking video with your iPhone or other smartphone takes a little more than just pointing the camera and hitting record.

Great video about producing high quality video with just an Iphone and lights. Probably the best resource on the subject.

Great lights = great video. learn inexpensive setups that get great results.

Audio is critical to a great video. Check out this great resource on creating high quality video for any device.

External microphones and iphones for videos and interviews.

Nice blog about all the different audio options for your phone.

LED lighting KIT from BH photo.

Getting your Iphone stable is the first step to great patient videos…

Great digital camera for video and still photos.

Color temperature and lights create all sorts of different results…

Audio levels set up properly really improve your production quality…

Another professional setup using the Iphone 6.

More information about professional interviews with an Iphone. a

Filmic is the BEST app for recording high quality video – this is the definitive guide to its use.

Filmic PRO demo reel – really shows off the capabilities of the APP.