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Quick Wins For Your Medical Practice

Fast and effective secrets to quickly improve your bottom line. From email marketing to Google Plus we go over things you can quickly do to get fast results for your practice. It’s a great way to jumpstart your 2015 summer!


  • Email marketing – 5 secrets to building a list FAST
  • Google Plus – optimizing your Google business listing for results
  • Download tools for easy patient reviews
  • Google Business View – search results today
  • Penalties and Search – 5 ways to see if you’ve been penalized on Google


Quick Wins For Your Medical Practice.

We’re going to go over things you can do today to radically improve your marketing, things that are fast and have instant benefit.

Quick wins number one is going to be video and patient stories, using tools you already have to create best and brief content.

Part two is going to be e-mail secrets, how to build an e-mail list which is probably one of your most valuable practice, assets and then how to use it effectively.

Part three is going to be avoiding Google penalties in particular negative SEO penalties or negative penalties from link manipulation.

Part four is going to be Google secrets.


Create video patient testimonials with your cellphone.

If you have someone that agrees to be on your marketing, a quick video of their story, if you can get someone to sit down and tell a story, it’s got a huge benefit and why not, why hinge it on two blurry photos of their before and after if they agree to be on your website.

GO PROs For Office Videos

The next quick win is if you want great video and sound, a GoPro is a very cool way to capture dynamite audio and video. If you take it out of its waterproof case, the thing, not only it has very clear picture but has a very good audio quality. Awesome quick win.

Stabilize Your Camera

The next quick win is stabilize your camera for better results. This is a three dollar tripod. This will radically improve your production quality on everything you do. If you put your phone in this and sit someone next to a lamp, you’re going to be taking some really nice video. If you have an iPhone 6, you’re going to be taking cinematic video.

Stabilizing your camera is the first secret to taking quality videos. Quality videos radically improve all your marketing. If you can get someone to tell story and you’re to record it well, that is massive social proof that has massive value.

Microphones For Quality Production

The next quick win is a better microphone equals better sound. That low quality sound ruins more videos than low quality production. This is a shotgun mic, you plug in to your phone, you know, 40 to $60 get you a dynamite microphone. Again, if you stabilize the camera and record good sound and people are telling stories about great experiences, that is the underpinning of a great marketing campaign, so easy.

Transcribe Your Content

Quick win, people speak at 100 to 150 words per minute. If you record videos and transcribe them, you can radically improve and increase the scope of your website in very short order that transcribing your videos tend quickly make your website radically bigger, radically better, super easy to do. Great quick win.

Editing Video With YouTube

Quick win, edit videos with YouTube to easily cut and paste clips. YouTube is a pretty nice little editor. You upload your videos … If you record videos with a start, middle and end, it becomes very, very easy to cut off the front, cut off the back and make a very logical little video and write your name on it and be done with it in very short or even chop off a bunch of videos, get them on your website, get them on your blog, upload them to social media. This is a very quick way to get great content on your website.

Again, the challenge is the content, not the production. You can get people to talk about their experience. You’ve outstripped 90% of your competition in terms of the quality of content you’re producing.

Download The EBook

Quick win, take better patient photos. We have written an e-book that dives deeply into the art of photo and video for the medical practice. You can download it at


An e-mail list is a hugely valuable asset for your practice. You need to remember that there’s a big difference between rented media and owned media. The traditional model is you rent. You rent a subscription list from a magazine and you get the other privilege of advertising to them.

Rented VS. Owned Media

What you want to always remember is that anytime you’re renting space on Google, on Facebook, in magazines and print, you want to make sure you’re pushing them into your list and making their subscribers your subscribers because once you get someone in your e-mail list, you can market to them for free for the life of your practice.

The more your focus is on getting into the VIP list, on joining into our service, on getting our special prizes, special promotions, special services, that’s got a huge value. Make sure every kind of rented media, you’re doing points to your subscriber base and you want to try to make subscribers. That’s a wonderful way to make an owned asset out of a rented asset.

Pull an EMAIL report from your EMR

Here’s an awesome quick win for your e-mails that pull e-mail report from your EMR system. If you haven’t built a good e-mail list yet, call your EMR company and pull every e-mail onto that system as soon as you can.

I’ve met practices that didn’t have any e-mail list. We called them up and they had thousands the next day. In that list is every one of your vocal proponents, every one of your vocal advocates, every person who’s into it onboard and ever been into your practice. It’s typically in your EMR, pull them out of there as soon as possible.

Pull an EMAIL report from your practice website

Quick win number two for e-mail is pull a report of lifetime contacts from your website. If your website gets one e-mail a day, that’s 365 e-mails a year. 10 years, that’s 3,565 e-mails. It’s a lot of e-mails. 3,500 e-mails. Find the person who’s been fielding your e-mails, get access to that e-mail account, pull out every contact or go to your server, find that e-mail that info act gets e-mailed to pull every email that’s ever come through this. The sooner you get your database together, the sooner you’re creating this hugely valuable practice asset.

Subscribe CALLERS to your EMAIL LIST

Quick win, subscribe callers to your VIP list. Make sure, woven into your practice is this thought that everybody who’s on our e-mail list, we can access at will, we can generate thousands of clicks to our website whenever we want. We can reach out to … It’s probably your most valuable practice asset. Make sure everyone’s pointing people into that system.

Make sure, as part of your phone script, you’re trying to harvest e-mails because there’s no more valuable tool and there’s no better way to communicate with your base for free. You don’t have to pay for a stamp.

Connect Your Blog/Website and Newsletters with HOOTSUITE

Quick win, publish to your e-mail list and all social media sites from your blog. If you’re going to bother to do a newsletter, make sure it goes on your blog and then use one these services.

I like Hootsuite. It’s $10 a month but it takes your feed from your website and it serves about to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram like it serves to all these social media sites who have never have to log into them to update them. Your e-mails should go on your blog. Your blog should go to your social media. It’s should be a one-step process.

Track and follow up on CLICKS AND OPENS

Quick win, track clicks and opens for targeted marketing. This is another really cool feature of a good e-mail list. I can see everyone who clicks on a promotion and everyone who opens a promotion. This list, I can tell these people who’d have clicked for three and four times, if this was an e-mail about blepharoplasty, if those people will be really worthwhile to follow up with to offer a coupon about blepharoplasty. It could tell a lot about your subscriber base based on what they do.

Tracking opens, you say, “Okay, let’s take everyone who open the last e-mail 10 times and send them a special promotion,” because you know, it gives you real insight in your data and what a radical way to immediately jumpstart your practice, to take a look at who clicked, who opened and then shortlist that and contact them maybe by phone.

The most aggressive practices I work with do that and have wild success because someone who opened a blepharoplasty e-mail 30 times is probably teetering on the edge of getting a blepharoplasty.


Quick win, know when someone opens an e-mail. This is an awesome service from HubSpot. Every time someone opens an e-mail, it pops up in the upper right corner of my screen and so I know. If I’m trying to track someone down or get someone into the office or give him a promotion, I call that person right then when they’re looking at my e-mail. It makes you omnipotent.

If you ever get a call from me saying, “I was thinking about you and you’re looking at my e-mail,” it’s because this service told me that you were looking at my e-mail at that exact moment. That person is always near the phone. They’ve probably got the phone in their hand. They’re reading your e-mail. It’s a huge game changer in terms of figuring out when to contact someone if you’re trying to push them into and convert them into a service.


These two services take your e-mail list tracked to your website and then they tell you when someone’s on your website reading it. Again, it gives you … It removes the layer of visits and tells you actual people based on e-mail. Radical service.

Everyone’s like, “Oh, Google Analytics is amazing.” Google Analytics, in that big of deal when you look at the stats from KISSmetrics and HubSpot. Just the ability to track people by e-mail in the site and then watch what they do gives you not as huge insight on your visitors but huge insight on your patients and the people in your market.

It gives you the ability to really read minds. If you get aggressive on marketing, this has got huge value because you can see what people do, what time they’re doing it and when’s the best time to contact them.


We are going to talk about negative SEO. You have to be aware of your backlink profile. People are attacking competitors by buying thousands and thousands of bad links. This is Fiverr. For $5, I can buy 300,000 negative links pointing to your website. That’s got a big … That’s a big problem.


How do you check that? Well first, let’s talk about what it looks like. Web spam looks like this. It’s websites with … This, the name of this website is It was once a valuable .org site. They stopped doing that. The domain went away. Someone bought the domain and put this junk up on it. Then, people buy links to it. Google is more and more penalizing that.

This is an example of an art of web spam article. You’ll see how a computer has rewritten this. Americans trusted grand and a critical amicable item and 74% field, it’s unattractive smile can miss tree. It’s changed. It’s terrible. It’s junk. It’s a penalty more and more.

This is what a penalty looks like in your statistics. You’ll see here on this, this is October 17th of last year, this whole company, this is one of the doctors that I work with but a whole, basically, a company that was optimizing 500 medical sites, the entirety of them got wacked for their questionable link manipulation. Everybody’s traffic dropped by a factor of 50%, maybe more.


How you check your backlinks? These three services are very good,, and All three are good. You can put your website into these and get a cursory overview, get a sense of how many backlinks are out there. A nice way to get a full report as to buy it on Fiverr. For $5, you can get a report from one of these services to really get a sense of your total backlink profile and see what’s out there.


Here’s another quick win is audit your SEO provider. Make sure your provider shares your Google Webmaster Tools and your Google Analytics with you. It’s as easy as adding your e-mail into the users. It’s no big secret.

If they’re resisting you on your Google Analytics or your Webmaster Tools, they’re probably hiding something. The more transparent your provider is, the better. If they’re just sending reports and saying everything is going great, this is a good way to keep everybody honest.


Optimize Your Google + Page

The first one is optimize your Google+ page. We did a whole infographic about this at More and more Google is moving its search to stay in the Google environment. These reviews and these Google pages are what’s coming up in the search. Makes sense. Why would Google ever want you to leave the Google Site? If you want to improve your search performance on Google, building out your Google page, your Google profile, your Google+ page has real value.

Organize Your Content For Easy Access & Sharing

Here’s another great quick win for your practice. Organize your contents with Silos and build it in your social channels. That means get all your photos, all your videos, all your events and promotions, testimonials and procedure info, get those things all in folders and then you can then easily upload them to social media, to your sites, give them to copywriters.

This is really the guts of your content marketing strategy. If you have it all in one place, it becomes very easy. If I said, “Okay, today I want to really blow out my Google+ profile,” if I had my photos, videos, events all in one place, I could quickly upload the entirety of it to my Google+ page and basically mere my website in Google+ in an afternoon.

What’s the search benefit to that? Radical. What’s the time invested once you organized it? Very low. It’s uploading a bunch of videos and a bunch of before and after photos, putting your events on.

Centralize Your Reviews and Testimonials

I also tell people to make sure they centralize their testimonials. Pull all your testimonials from Yelp, from Google. Make sure those are in one central place because if you work with any writer, it’s got big value and it makes it so much easier.

Download Our Patient Review Kit

Quick win, this is a downloadable patient review kit. Everybody knows reviews are important. This is a printable form that you can print out and give to people so they know how to review you on Google+. Go to It’s a real nice way to get in your postoperative kit. When people come in postoperatively, print this out and hand it to him and say, “Please, go review us.”

It gives them a step by step guide. It’s already designed, it’s already done, will radically improve the amount of reviews you get just by printing it out and handing it out.

GOOGLE BUSINESS VIEW – Virtual Business Tour

Final quick win, add a Google business tour to your Google+ page. Google Business View is just like Google Maps except for it’s moving into the business and you can … As we talk about mobile search like Google Business View, it’s a one-time deal last to life for your practice and allows people to look around inside of your spa, inside of your facility.

It has big ramifications on search that you’ll see, in this case, when you type in Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center, you get, their tour is built in there. Again, it’s this idea of building your Google page in such a way that it’s a site onto itself. It’s a real valuable asset.

This is a Google Business View tour we did for a doctor in Florida. It’s just a no brainer to go ahead and get this tour done for your office, has radical search benefits, showcases what you do and it’s like drinking the Kool-Aid directly from the spigot, right?

If you make a Google Business View, you’re going to do better on Google Search because Google is selling this service. Google wants to keep people in Google. They want to provide better content within Google. You might as well get on board with this. A Google Business View tour is really, really valuable.

To do this, all you have to do is contact a Google Business View trusted photographer of which I am. There’s a few in every city. Typically, it’s not an expensive enough product to warrant flying across the country for but if you’re doing any service with me and I’m in the office, we always do a Google Business View tour because well, it’s just … We see a radical benefit in mobile search and all of the sudden, on the mobile phone, you can walk around inside the practice.

Google Business View is a really cool quick win, happens in an afternoon, has long-term search benefits for your practice for the life of the practice. That is quick wins. We started with video, we went on the e-mail, we talked about penalties and then we ended with Google secrets.