Did you recently get an warning email from Google Webmaster Tools?

Did your webmaster get it?

Signs point to new mobile penalty coming down the pipe from Google. Get your site mobile ready for the upcoming wave of Google search…

If your site doesn’t scale to a phone or tablet easily there is a good chance that your search positions will be affected in the near future. This is the first shot over the bow from Google to address a move towards more mobile friendly sites appearing more prominently in search.

Check out the email below:

There are some very real benefits of having a mobile ready site. More and more people are using mobile devices to search the web and Google is well aware that this trend will only continue. Check out some good reasons to modify your site ASAP to a version that works on mobile phones.

1. No SEO Penalty – More traffic = more income in most businesses today. Make sure your site doesn’t get whacked with the upcoming mobile penalty.

2. Faster Load Times – bandwidth is at a premium on mobile devices. By properly making your website mobile friendly you gain faster load times on all devices. Everybody likes things that load fast and it’s a big boost for search and users alike.

3. Degrades Well – When you make your site load on a phone you’re engineering your site to break gracefully. What happens when the graphics don’t load? What happens when the screen is small? A mobile ready site works even when it’s forced to cascade into a less desirable format.

4. Forward Thinking – Devices are getting smaller. the desktop experience is changing. keep the look and feel you love but make sure it looks and feels ok on a phone or tablet.

5. SEO Benefit – There is already a a big boost for mobile ready sites. They load faster, they work on all platforms and Google is rewarding sites that adhere to these new rules.

6. User Benefit – People search on their phones. People have a limited amount of time and patience for a crappy mobile experience. The more you streamline your site and make it work on multiple platforms the happier your customers will be.

7. Opportunity To Optimize – Any site can be made mobile ready. It’s a great chance to go through your whole strategy and streamline it. Keep the look and feel you love and gain a faster loading sleek version of your existing site.

You don’t have to change the look of your site to make it mobile ready. Contact our team today to review all your options. We’ll give you some good actionable advice you can use today. 941.400.0104