A simple video setup and some thoughtful FAQ’s can quickly give you content that tells your unique story. Check out simple patient education videos that create trust and convert patients.

Examples Of Video Patient Education

1. Camera Tips & Techniques

  • Your IPHONE will produce quality 4k videos.
  • You do not need special lighting – you DO need to look at the shot and make sure it looks good.
  • Stabilize the camera

Good small tripod with ball head:


Simple IPHONE mount:


Shooting with selfie cam/screen cam makes video easier to produce alone.

2. Audio Tips & Techniques

  • Lavaliere microphone produces best sound for single person production


  • Sound is more important than quality video
  • IPHONE built-in microphone can produce acceptable quality audio in quiet room
  • Room noise is a big issue: air conditioners, water features, road noise WILL ruin audio
  • Check quality of recorded audio on good playback device (computer, TV) before you waste time on a bunch of videos

3. Scripts And Production

  • Plan a simple outline
  • Each shot should have silence at start and at end – count silently to three before speaking and after finishing
  • Shoot one clean take – do not plan to splice sections together in post production
  • FAQ style is easy to produce and use online.
  • Short videos with a start and end are easiest to work with – long takes prone to errors
  • Break production into 1 – 3 min. sections
  • Tell a story
  • Talk about your work
  • Show examples of cases and photos

4. Files And Data Management

  • Use GOOGLE Drive, Dropbox or Apple FIle Manager to move files off phone
  • Use naming conventions to stay organized and share with your web developer


  • Video files are huge – you can waste a lot of time moving them
  • Only keep 100% good takes and edit them down in the phone if possible

5. Post Production Tips

  • Try to create clean videos with start and end
  • A clean 1 take video can go straight to YOUTUBE or Facebook without any post production
  • Organized folders and names reduce production time radically

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