Check out these simple patient education videos we play in the consult rooms, online and on social media. They make consults shorter and patients arrive prepped and ready to get started.

Real Patient Testimonial: “Immediately upon entering the building, you are introduced to your surgeon via a series of videos. Prior to actually meeting your surgeon, you learn about his education, experience, work ethic, as well as what to expect pre-surgery, during surgery, post surgery and recovery. Then, your surgeon enters the room, and is able to focus on you, your needs and wants, and his recommendations. Extremely professional, personable, knowledgeable, and focused on optimal results! Is was a pleasure to meet Dr. Engel and his staff.”

Patient Education Video Series: Dr. Scott Engel

Something as simple as an introduction video or recovery Q&A can make a world of difference to a new patient.

Simple videos create a well educated patient with fewer questions and more ready to commit. One simple production can save you hours of time in consults and really improve the bottom line at the practice.

Make content that saves time and builds trust.

Learn how to create powerful patient education tools…