TIP: Turning Patient Cell Phone Pictures Into A Produced Patient Recovery Video

Want a simple way to create more trusting and better educated patients?

Have your best patients send recovery pictures each day of their recovery and make them into time lapse videos. It keeps you connected to your patients through their recovery process AND creates amazing patient education content for the practice.

By simply adding recovery photos to your patient post op instructions you can monitor recovery and make patient education tools that create trust.

Check out this beautiful browlift case study:

Now, check out this recovery time lapse:

The PATIENT sent our team these photos as she recovered.

Not only were we able to track her recovery, we were able to put together this time lapse as well. This is content created by the patient, not by our team.

Now, check out the stats on these videos:

That’s 130+ HOURS of viewing time for the 2 videos – and people come into the practice with more trust and better educated than ever.

Get some patient conversion tools that set you apart from the pack. No matter your specialty, patient stories tell your story.

Learn How You Can Create Trust With Real Patient Stories